Marietta man sentenced on kidnapping, aggravated domestic violence charges

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Larry Dale SimpsonA Marietta man has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature following a February 18, 2011, incident at his northern Greenville County home.

According to Assistant Solicitor Judy Munson, 50-year-old Larry Dale Simpson was at his home with his live-in girlfriend when he struck her on the head with a large stick, brandished what she believed was a semi-automatic pistol, and ordered her to go with him.

Greenville County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived and were able to take Simpson into custody, at which time they discovered the weapon was actually a BB gun.

Simpson was sentenced to six years for the domestic violence charge and 20 years for kidnapping. The kidnapping sentence was suspended to six years, which will run concurrently with the domestic violence sentence, and probation.

Simpson will serve 85 percent of his sentence in the S.C. Department of Corrections.

(Photo credit: Greenville County Detention Center)