Survey shows Habitat's quality of life improvements, economic impact

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A recent study shows that Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County continues to positively affect local communities by increasing education, employment and engagement levels.

Surveys that asked questions about quality of life, financial situations, home construction, neighborhood impact and schools were mailed to all 239 Habitat families throughout the county. The results, according to president and CEO of Habitat Greenville Monroe Free, show the benefits the organization has shown locally, and the findings are in line with what Habitat for Humanity has seen across the country.

“We have long known that Habitat is really in the business of transforming families – not just building homes,” said Monroe Free, president and CEO of Habitat Greenville. “This study shows exactly how much lives have been changed.”

Habitat for Humanity is the only organization in Greenville County providing zero-percent home mortgages, he said, adding that the average mortgage payment for a Habitat home is $418.

The organization provides these affordable home ownership opportunities for families earning 30-60 percent of the area median income, and they maintain a foreclosure rate of less than one percent with 88 percent of mortgages paid on time, Free said.

Survey highlights:

• 98 percent said their home life is more stable.

• 94 percent report feeling hopeful about their future.

• 93 percent said they spend more quality time at home.

• 89 percent expressed satisfaction with construction quality of their home.

• 72 percent earned an associates, technical or bachelors degree

• 64 percent said their children’s school attendance increased.

• 58 percent reported family members attaining academic degrees

• 32 percent said their employment situation has improved.

By the numbers:

Last fiscal year, 1,541 volunteers participated with Habitat Greenville, contributing more than 19,000 hours of service, according to Free. In 2013, Habitat Greenville and its funding partners made a total investment of $1.2 million in Greenville County and Habitat homeowners paid County property tax revenue of $142,974.

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