Letter: American pride on display in Travelers Rest

To the Editor:

In a time when it seems almost everyone is looking for ways to separate themselves from the traditions that have made our country great, I sometimes wonder if Americans will ever again appreciate the sacrifices that have been made to make our nation what it is.

Two events last week made me say yes.

On Sunday, I attended the funeral of John Pickens, a veteran of WWII and one of the last members of our "greatest generation." After the graveside service and the folding of the flag, I spoke with a member of the military honor guard and, with a tear in his eye, he said: “I can’t get used to these services.” I knew what he meant.

And then Thursday night, I attended a high school basketball game between Travelers Rest and rival Berea. It was a good game, as close as you would expect for the most part. But what I was impressed with and encouraged by were the players of Travelers Rest. During the playing of the National Anthem they stood proud — almost at attention, facing the flag with their hands over their hearts.

Team, if you never win another game, you and your coaches are winners in my book. There is far more to life than points on a scoreboard.

Terry Hester,

Travelers Rest