Registration open for after-school programs in Slater

SLATER, S.C. – Registration is open for Blue Wall Group's February after-school program, which includes clay, painting, and drama classes.

The classes are open to children ages 6 to 14 and will be held at the Slater-Marietta Lions Club on Slater Road.

The February term runs from Feb. 2 – 27. (Drama classes are held Tuesday, clay classes are held on Wednesdays, and painting classes are held on Thursdays.)

Class times: 2:30-3:30: Homework/Snack -- 3:30-4:30: Class I -- 4:30-5:30 Class II

Registration Fee (financial assistance available): $5/One Time, Materials Fee $15 per family per term, Tuition Fee $40/term for each class, Membership Fee $100 per individual per term or $150 per family per term.

For more information, including financial assistance options, please call (864) 387-7840 or (864) 533-265.