Local Girl Scout troop earns bronze award

MARIETTA, S.C. — A successful fundraising campaign for a local horse rescue stable earned one junior Girl Scout troop their Bronze Award, the highest honor in scouting for a junior.

In addition to raising nearly $450 to help cover veterinary expenses for the horses, the Junior girls of Troop 1506 held a cat food drive for Dogwood Terrace Stables.

According to troop leader Kristie Nicoloff, the girls wanted to do something with rescue animals and then voted on horses.

"We researched local horse rescue groups and found Dogwood Terrace Stables and met Ginny Pierce, who runs the operation," Nicoloff said. "She came in and told the girls about the stables and what the needs were, and the girls developed a plan to host a cat food drive at Heritage Elementary and also collect donations while hosting cookie booths during cookie sales."

Pierce said that the cat food donation alone would help feed the cats for four months.

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