Outdoor Report: Spring brings new life in the Upstate (photos)

By Mac Stone, Naturaland Trust Executive Director:

The mountains have changed dramatically in the last month. With longer days and spring showers, the forests and natural areas of the Upstate are more vibrant than ever, bustling with local wildlife.

As our resident animals shake off the cold, they are busy raising young and actively searching for food. For hikers and wildlife enthusiasts, there is no better time to hit the trails and witness the biodiversity of the Upstate. 

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At Naturaland Trust, we strive to protect the special places in the Upstate, not only for the myriad recreational opportunities they offer, but to give refuge and corridors to the animals that call South Carolina home.


Some of the best places to see and hear wildlife can be found around our favorite properties which we keep open to the public year round: The Nine Times Forest and the South Saluda River Corridor.

(Photo credit: Mac Stone Photography | Mac Stone Photography on Facebook)

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