Opinion: New development will have negative impact on Travelers Rest

To the Editor:

There is a not so subtle assault on the outskirts of our fine city.  I speak in general of the noticeable increase in new home construction but more specifically about a proposed subdivision just off of Tigerville Rd.

SK Builders has submitted a plan for 84 homes on 54 acres of pristine land with accesses from Blue Ridge Dr. and Shelton Rd. near the western border of the Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve.

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I am very concerned that heavy deforestation and development will severely impact the Enoree River and disrupt the piedmont seepage that is vital to the habitat of the federally protected Bunched Arrowhead.  High density housing in such close proximity to the Heritage Preserve may also adversely increase foot traffic near this very rare and endangered plant.

Aside from the devastating impact to wildlife, timber and native plants, Shelton Rd. and Blue Ridge Dr. were not designed to handle the drastic increase in traffic that will result if this housing development is approved.  These roads are steep and narrow with blind hills and curves, deep ditches and no shoulders.   Cyclists in particular use Shelton Rd as a preferred route around sections of Tigerville Rd. that is itself experiencing an incredible uptick in traffic.

Travelers Rest is growing . . . but it must grow responsibly and with great thought and consideration.  Owners of un-zoned properties risk selling to developers who have few constraints other than meeting land development codes and restrictions.

We live in an amazingly beautiful part of the country, but the landscape in Travelers Rest is changing rapidly. Please consider zoning your properties with the long-term vision of environmental sustainability and beautification.

The Greenville County Subdivision Advisory Committee (SAC) will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Mon., July 17th, at County Square, Conference Room A. This will be our only opportunity to voice opposition to this proposed development. 

Please join me in fighting what will surely be detrimental to the quality of life in Travelers Rest if approved.

Cindy Clark
Travelers Rest 

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