Deadline Friday: Registration open for Slater-Marietta Christmas Parade

SLATER-MARIETTA, S.C. — Registration is open for the annual Slater-Marietta Christmas Parade.

Scheduled for Sun., Dec. 9 at 3 p.m., registration is open to businesses, civic organizations, churches, animals, motorcycles, schools and individuals.

How to Register: Use the online entry form here. The deadline for registration is November 30th. No registrations will be taken the day of the parade. (Applications are available and may be dropped off at the fire department. Applications and registration are also available at Slater Hall Community Center during Open Gym times (Tuesdays and Fridays from 6:15pm to 8:00pm).

Changes for 2018:

• Race Cars must be trailered and ALL drivers must be licensed (including ATVs and other off-road vehicles).

• Parade entrants will be staging in the parking lot of the elementary school.

• The parade will use the same route; however, the direction will be reversed. The parade will officially start at the Intersection of Baker Cir. and Slater Rd. (in front of the Bible Deliverance Temple Church) and will head towards Geer Hwy. After turning northward on Geer Hwy, The parade will continue until reaching Slater St. The parade will turn onto Slater St. and make its way back to the school via Slater St. and Slater Rd.

An awards ceremony and reception with Santa will be held following the parade at Slater Hall Community Center.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the Facebook page here.