Letter to the Editor: Going above and beyond to serve the community

To the Editor:

There’s a small building where Geer and Highway 11 split in Cleveland that houses a labor of love for Lamar, Marci and Megan. (Map here.)

It’s at Marci Jo’s Olde Mountain Store where you can find some of the best grub in the Upstate including, but not limited to, BBQ, hot dogs and my favorite, the chicken salad croissant sandwich. (Hint: No visit is complete without the freshly baked cinnamon rolls!)

But my purpose here is not to merely turn you on to this hidden culinary gem, but to take a moment and thank a family who went above and beyond to make sure that those without were able to enjoy what can often be a stressful and lonely thirty days at the end of every year.

Foothills Family Resources has been serving northern Greenville County for over thirty years, and if there’s one thing any nonprofit learns after being around this long, it’s that we can’t do what we do without the support of the community. This support can come in the form of money, volunteerism and board oversight. But, what Lamar, Marci and Megan did for us went well beyond that. In a sense, they adopted us for a month.

Because of their generosity, over 100 of our neighbors in need were able to look forward to both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Marci Jo’s provided a free home cooked Thanksgiving meal in a perfect Norman Rockwell type setting for those neighbors to enjoy with loved ones. Along with the Thanksgiving meal, Marci Jo’s, with the assistance of their customers, helped provide toys and clothes to thirty families. This helped the parents not only provide gifts for their children, but also gave them a chance to create happy memories of a full floor below the Christmas tree.

I normally don’t single out individual donors or volunteers in an editorial way like this, but what the good folks at Marci Jo’s did for us was beyond anything the staff of Foothills Family Resources could have imagined. So, on behalf of the staff and board of directors at Foothills Family Resources, I’d like to publicly thank those at Marci Jo’s for the incredible kindness they showed towards their neighbors in need.

David Bolton
Executive Director, Foothills Family Resources


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