Update: Final vote on 40-acre Travelers Rest development removed from agenda for 2nd month in a row

UPDATE (04/18/19, 7:36pm): The final reading/vote of the request to rezone a 40-acre parcel in Travelers Rest was removed from the city council agenda at the request of the developer for the 2nd month in a row. (Original story below.)

Statement from Travelers Rest officials:

"For the second month in a row, Pinestone Development has asked that our 2nd reading of proposed rezoning be put on hold while they evaluate the project considerations placed upon the development and rezoning by the City and Planning Commission.

Our City Staff and Council have worked on this project for over a year, and we want to ensure this major development in the middle of our city is developed in a healthy, sustainable and smart way. This includes ensuring that this project install necessary street infrastructure as recommended by the city and the SCDOT.

We are confident that our city staff has addressed the community's primary concerns with traffic, congestion, and overall impact of such a large residential development. Our primary concern for all developments in Travelers Rest are that they are done well from start to finish to ensure no one development creates a burden for the residents of our community.

All developments should add value and increase the quality of life we have grown to love and cherish in TR. We look forward to the continued smart and sustainable growth of our city and response from Pinestone to comply with our recommendations."


TRAVELERS REST, S.C. — After being removed from the March Travelers Rest City Council agenda at the request of the developer, the expected final vote on a proposal to rezone and develop a combined 40-acre parcel between Main Street and Highway 25 in downtown Travelers Rest is expected to take place at Thursday night's council meeting.

Owners are seeking to rezone the property — which includes the former Emb-Tex manufacturing plant — to "Planned Development - R," a designation that would allow the mixed use of single and multifamily residential as well as a lesser amount of commercial space.

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In total, the development is proposed to include 100 single-family lots, 250 rental apartment units, and 77,000 square feet of office/retail space. There is no vehicular connectivity to Main Street. Rather, a walking/biking greenway connects near the crosswalk at the gazebo. There is also no connectivity to Highway 25.

In January, the Travelers Rest Planning Commission recommended that Travelers Rest City Council approve the rezoning request, provided that the developer complies with a list of recommendations, including limiting 3rd floor office/commercial space, not allowing a drive-through type restaurant, providing a direct entrance to State Park Road, and completing a realignment at the Roe Road intersection, among other things. (To view the commission report, including the complete list of recommendations, click here.)

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To download a .pdf version of a high-res site plan and the presentation boards, click here. To download a copy of the development parameters as proposed, click here.

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