Slater-Marietta FD, Slater Hall receive grants

SLATER-MARIETTA, S.C. — On Tuesday afternoon, Slater-Marietta Fire Dept. received a $25K grant and Greenville County Rec. received a $40K grant, both from the S.C. state treasury.

The grants were secured through the collaborative effort of  S.C. Rep. Mike Burns and S.C. Senators Tom Corbin and Dwight Loftis.

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"We're pleased with and we all appreciate the work that the [Slater-Marietta] Fire Dept. does in serving the public.," Sen. Corbin said, prior to the presentation of the check to Chief Marion Cruell.

Cruell said that the state money would help to provide service equipment that will be used in the area's parks.

Greenville County Rec's Lawanda Curry accepted the recreation district's check, money that will be used to help with the rehabilitation of historic Slater Hall. Built in 1938, Slater Hall was reopened in 2010 by the recreation district, which operates the facility as the Slater Community Center.

"It is a historic building, built as the centerpiece of the community," Rep. Burns said, adding that the funds were another positive step in it's continued preservation. "We want it to return to its former glory—beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside."

In addition to the state treasury's $40K grant to the recreation district, Greenville County Councilman Dill was able to secure matching funding from Greenville County Council for Slater Hall, bringing the total contribution to $80K.

"This is one of the finest facilities in this county," Dill said. "Nobody else can brag of having a facility like this."

To learn more about Slater Hall's history, visit the Slater Hall Citizens' Committee website here.

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