Woodlands at Furman collects 600 pounds of shoes

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Residents and staff at The Woodlands at Furman collected over 600 pounds of shoes in May for Shoes4Water, a Greenville-based nonprofit that works to supply drinkable water to Kenya.

The effort was part of The Woodlands at Furman’s Walk to Wellness campaign, which focused on getting people to walk two laps around the Woodlands campus at least five days a week.

According to Andrea Payment, The Woodlands at Furman’s lifestyles director, The Woodlands believes in walking with a purpose, so during The Walk for Wellness campaign, it chose to help assist in getting clean water to third world counties.

Shoes4Water exports the collected shoes to roadside vendors in third-world countries, and the generated funds are used to provide well drilling rigs, water, purification systems, repairs for hand pumps, and health and hygiene training.

“We want to educate our residents and staff about health and fitness while being able to make a difference globally,” Payment said.

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