Travelers Rest Police Dept. adds 'Devildog' Humvee to fleet

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. – The Travelers Rest Police Dept. recently added a Humvee to their fleet of vehicles, one that high school students helped to refurbish.

The Humvee, which the department acquired at no cost through a federal surplus property program, will be used primarily by Officer Larry Pruitt, who serves as the Travelers Rest High School resource officer.

And with the Devildog logo displayed prominently, it should fit right in on campus. The logo was added, in part, as recognition of the free labor that the school's auto shop students provided to sand, repaint, and help outfit the vehicle.

The students, who take part in a program at the Enoree Career Center, took the Humvee completely apart, painting it a little at a time – from the doors to the hood to the top to the body. They also designed the rhino lining detail and helped to fabricate a seat mount as well, according to Pruitt.  

“This is their accomplishment,” Pruitt said. “It gave them something different to work on, and it's something that they are very proud of.”

Police Chief Lance Crowe said he believes the Humvee will be a big hit with the students and that it will help bridge any gap between students and the department.

“We’ve already seen how it will serve as an icebreaker to create conversations between young people and our officers," he said.

Crowe added that the Humvee will not be assigned to regular patrols, but it will be available for use during ice and snow storms as well as for the homecoming and Christmas parades.

“In spite of its novel appearance, the Humvee is simply a large diesel truck that we procured for free and outfitted for next to nothing,” Crowe said.