DOT launches streaming video service on 511 website

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The S.C. Dept. of Transportation has begun providing online streaming video of traffic as part of its 511 Traveler Information System.

The streaming video from SCDOTs traffic cameras replaces still images that were updated online every few seconds.

"Streaming video was always a top requested item from the public," said Director of Traffic Engineering Tony Sheppard. "From day one, when we put any image on the web, people wanted streaming video. They wanted those up to date, live images. Technological advances now provide us a chance to do it."

In addition to the public getting a better look at traffic conditions, the streaming video is important for first-responders in areas where the lack of fiber optic cables had made it impossible to connect to SCDOTs streaming video in the past.

"In places where they didn't have the IT infrastructure, now these first responders can receive it over the internet," Sheppard said.

SCDOT has 336 cameras placed along interstates and other major highways. The cameras are linked to the agency's Traffic Management Centers where employees communicate with first responders, including SCDOT SHEP trucks, to help manage traffic. The cameras do not record video.

The web address for the 511 Traveler Information System is, which can also be accessed from SCDOTs home page, There are free apps available for cell phones and tablets that operate on the iPhone and Android platforms. Links to download the applications are on the 511 website under "Extras" and "511 Tools." Do not use these applications while you are driving. Be safe and either pull over or have a passenger access while in a motor vehicle.

SCDOTs 511 system provides information on construction projects, lane closures, crashes, congestion and severe weather affecting traffic. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be accessed by computer, telephone, smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the system includes a telephone service through an interactive, voice-activated roadway and traffic information system accessed by calling 511 from your home, office, or cell phone.

Earlier this year, the online 511 system began a new mapping function called "Reach the Beach," which uses icons to provide distances and times to routes to popular S C coastal destinations.